What we stand for

Our group values

Our values matter. They shape who we are as a company. They guide us in our everyday behaviour, decisions, and how we treat each other.


Our shared passion helps us excel in every market segment we operate in. We are passionate about our commitment to our employees to provide safe, inclusive and rewarding work. Commitment to our clients to deliver projects of the highest quality and on time. Commitment to our shareholders to deliver on their expectations.


Our strength comes from the talented people who make up our company. Diversity and inclusion is for everyone; it is about seamlessly working together, not focusing on how we are different. 

Everyone benefits when we allow our consultants and leaders to be the best they can be through leveraging our combined knowledge and experience. This means that regardless of capability, state or project, we are all part of one team, striving to achieve a shared vision. Our one-team value extends to working with our clients and other stakeholders to reach the best outcomes.


We strive for continual improvement, to try new things, and encourage everyone to have a go. Our project outcomes rely on discovering innovative solutions that make a difference. We cultivate an environment where creative and forward-thinking people are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.


We understand that producing the best outcomes requires a commitment from everyone to be genuine and transparent in the way we work, and that requires courage. The courage to always behave with integrity and respect for the diversity of our teams and our clients’ teams. Courage is essential for transformation. 


We acknowledge that we are global citizens, and our community extends beyond the city, state and country we live in. It is essential to make good choices for the planet, society and to support others.

We have committed to remain carbon neutral as a Climate Active member for our business operations, and to help less advantaged communities via our Pledge 1% promise.

Our committment to the environment

Seisma Group is proud to have been a carbon neutral organisation since 2021.

We take our impact on the planet seriously, so we’re proud to be taking action to lessen our impact and promote a greener way of doing business.

Our committment to giving back

We’re incredibly proud to support the education of 80 Ugandan high school girls through School for Life and our commitment to Pledge 1%. We believe empowering girls when they are young helps them become successful independent women.