To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we’re delighted to introduce some of the awesome and inspiring women we have working with us at Seisma Group. We hope you enjoy hearing about the work they do and their experiences as a woman working in tech.

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to Principle Consultant Monica Smith.

Tell us a bit about your role at Seisma Group.

I’m a Principal Consultant for Smartapps New Zealand [Seisma acquired Smartapps in July 2021]. That means I’m focused on solving business problems with Salesforce solutions. My role ranges from pre-sales discussion about how Smartapps can help, hands-on digital strategy consulting through to orchestration of project teams to deliver those solutions.

What do you love about your job?

I love how eclectic my role is. I get to jump into the worlds of customers across many different industries, one day I can be deep in the world of public sector regulatory processes and the next I’m talking about sales processes for custom machinery. Figuring out how to relate to my customer and rapidly understand the challenges they face is what gets me out of bed each day.

What first sparked your interest in the tech industry? How did you decide to go into working in your field?

I found my way into IT by accident, I actually have a psychology background. I followed my love of solving complex problems, curiosity about people and their experience, and my logical view of the world into the tech industry where all those things combine.

What challenges have you faced as a woman working in a male-dominated industry and how did you deal with them?

My biggest challenge has definitely been staying up to date with my industry knowledge while on maternity leave. I had my babies quite closely together which meant two years out of the workforce with only a short return to work in between and the industry moves so quickly!

How have things changed for women since you first joined the tech industry?

I think the projects I work on have become more human-focused with the tech being the enabler rather than the outcome. This is creating roles that require relational skill rather than heavy tech backgrounds which naturally sees more women joining the industry. There is also a real push for diversity in organisations I work with, so women are more represented than before.

What advice would you give women who are just starting their career in tech?

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of the tech industry! Learn about all the different roles that support technology and find something that fits with your interests. It’s really varied and doesn’t have to involve writing code!

What’s the best thing about being a woman working in tech?

I love this industry, it’s so much more than just building technology. It’s about understanding where an organisation is heading and figuring out how you can support that journey. Women bring a unique lens to tech that is really important and I’m proud to be part of that.

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