Ben Johnson

Director | Data and AI

Ben has 25 years of experience in IT, mostly in advising clients on strategy and how to plan and execute transformation programs.  Data has always been Ben’s passion, but his experience extends into ERP, integration, digital, application development, testing and project management. 

“My passion is finding talented people, backing them, enabling them and giving them the opportunities they deserve.  I’ve always found companies hire based on years of experience.  I think that this is not as important as the right foundational skills and passion. 

Why data?  Data gives clues about what has happened and what might lie ahead.  I like it because it’s not ambiguous and can be very confronting – data tells you truth even you may not want to hear it. 

Making a difference using data in the NFP sector is what excites me.  I believe that being great at what you do is important, but the challenge is to be more than this – building assets that make a difference to our customers and our customers customer is the game we are really in – software is just a part of the process.”