There is no denying the disruption caused by COVID!  Vaccination seems our best, quickest way out of the pickle; however, it is sometimes easier said than done!  Between juggling work, family and vaccine waiting lists – scheduling an injection time that suits can be difficult.

We understand, and that is why Seisma joined the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive initiative and offer a half-day paid vaccination leave for each of the two jabs to our permanent employees who are yet to find a suitable time to get vaccinated.

We all want to get back to life as close to normal as possible.  The special leave will be available for the duration of the Australian Government’s vaccine rollout scheme.

We are pleased to help our team take the steps towards a COVID normal that does not require continual lockdown measures.


What is the commitment from Seisma by joining the Vaccine Drive?

Businesses taking part in the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive have pledged to:

  • Provide permanent employees with paid leave accessible twice, for both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Run the vaccination leave program throughout the Government’s vaccine rollout.
How does this impact Seisma’s COVID-19 Safety plan and policies?

Vaccination leave doesn’t impact the broader COVID-19 Safety Plan or policies. Regardless of whether people are vaccinated or not, everyone should comply with COVID-19 Safety Plans by checking in to offices, practising good hygiene, maintaining physical distance, staying home if you are sick, getting tested and following Government advice.