Cloud and infrastructure

Moving mission-critical workloads is a daunting proposition for any organisation, and an activity that is least practised and rarely invoked. We have successfully led some of the largest and most complex technology migrations in Australia.

Cloud migrations

Pairing your cloud strategy with a successful migration program is how we excel. Our cloud experience bridges the gap from strategy to reality by generating momentum and delivering desired outcomes.

Application migrations

Selecting suitable application candidates for migration requires intricate domain knowledge and tenured expertise. We are highly skilled in all aspects of migration, from baselining to vendor selection and delivery.

Data centre migrations

Capturing the advantages of migrating data centres hinges on the IT team’s ability to comprehensively prepare and plan legacy systems for migration. A portfolio of experience in many industries enables us to maximise your project outcomes.

Your challenges

  • Determining the most suitable strategy and schedule for migrations.
  • Sourcing skilled people with the right industry experience to lead and accelerate successful migrations.
  • The ability to provide a comprehensive business justification for large scale change, including a robust business case to prove operational and financial benefits.
  • Existing infrastructure platforms are inflexible and driven by technical and operational complexities.
  • The need for a scalable platform to support continuous improvements, cost efficiencies and speed to market.

Our solutions

  • The ability to build a high-level roadmap with a comprehensive migration strategy and business case to provide clear and predictable direction for the business.
  • Providing strong governance to deliver business certainty and mitigate project risks.
  • Identifying additional opportunities to reduce long-term operational costs by assessing automation, tooling, licensing and billing.
  • Utilising significant experience in relevant industries and previous migration projects to maximise positive project outcomes.

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