Data and AI

With reliance on digital and online technologies, good management of underpinning information assets is increasingly critical. Good information management doesn’t just happen. It must be effectively planned for and implemented with strong management.

Our strategic planning approach helps determine your information management maturity. We identify and prioritise information assets and examine the effectiveness of information, business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and your document and records management systems. Our approach includes the development of target maturity levels and an implementation roadmap of recommended initiatives to improve overall information management capabilities.

Capability establishment

This begins with the set-up and operationalisation of your internal analytics capabilities, which includes the provision of advice on selecting appropriate analytics platforms, establishing effective analytics management processes, and developing internal data analytics skills.

Data analysis and visualisation

Our data management strategies identify your critical information assets and recommend processes, guidelines and standards to help leverage the resulting data effectively. We can help with the development of a supporting data management framework to enable the capture of raw data across all key data sources, and consolidate and structure data to make it accessible and understandable. We can design necessary reporting and analytics capabilities to provide business insights that deliver real benefits through smarter decision-making.

BI reporting

We can assist with the development of reports through analysing, interpreting and optimising your critical corporate information to meet your crucial business reporting needs.

Your challenges

  • Deriving relevant and timely insights in a business environment experiencing exponentially increasing volumes and variety of data.
  • Obtaining a holistic perspective of enterprise data that appears to be located in isolated pockets or silos.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information to ensure it is secure and provides value.
  • Building an informed, data driven organisational culture rather than one based on past experience or opinion.

Our solutions

  • Having a clear, actionable roadmap of initiatives for establishing and developing organisational data analytics and BI capabilities.
  • Establishing compelling data and information management governance practices to protect and share enterprise data.
  • Building BI and data analytics platforms that facilitate the adoption of self-service analysis techniques by business teams.
  • Driving new business strategies and services based on the data-driven analysis of customer preferences, concerns and expectations.

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