Our engineering team love to push the boundaries and try new ideas and technologies by exploring the best ways to engineer a solution. We offer many “first of its kind” solutions for our customers. Our multidisciplinary teams understand and own the challenges from MVP to fully functional scaled up products to ensure the right solution and outcomes.

Solution engineering

We guide enrolment and engagement through to adoption of large scale rollout of O365 apps (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive), audio & video conferencing, and upgrades to device/printer fleets.

We have the ability to provide tactical improvement to your business processes.

Technology experience

  • Cloud¬† and infrastructure
  • Identity, security and governance
  • Artificial intelligence and data management
  • Science (analytics and machine learning)
  • Enterprise applications

Data centre migrations

  • FinTech
  • Banking and insurance
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Government

Your challenges

  • Knowledge of how to build, maintain and support new enterprise level capabilities.
  • Managing complex integrations with multiple systems (cloud & legacy).
  • Inability to extend and enhance current platform capabilities further in today’s fast-moving agile world.
  • Upkeep with the technology and skills due to the myriad of choices available.
  • Difficulty with complex digital and cloud transformations and relevant technology enhancements to keep up with current business demands.
  • High-risk of technology failure from outdated application systems.

Our solutions

  • Maintaining and uplifting applications to meet current business demands.
  • Ongoing reduction of cost & overheads associated with managing applications.
  • Predictable delivery from experienced consultants to ensure it is completed on time and within allocated budgets.
  • Architecture solutioning to ensure design aligns to your objectives.
  • Minimisation of risk associated with managing and maintaining various technology skillsets.
  • Expertise with AWS services.
  • Single-click deployment solutions.

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