At Seisma, we understand that success is all about sustaining long-term relationships. With a 10+ year strong track record, we are a leading business and technology consulting practice.

We understand that every business is different and that round pegs don’t fit in square holes.

We listen to you and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our approach to suit your business. The methodologies we use are broad, ranging from those that are well-known and trusted, to our clients’ own proven methodologies.

Our professional yet adaptable approach allows our staff to integrate into your business and we work in partnership with you right from the start.

We offer business and technology consulting services covering the entire lifecycle of a program.

We shape your vision into a plan, manage your development, design your cloud and data strategy and leverage your asset by managing organisational change.  Our experience and expertise will support you from concept to delivery.

Great Leaders

Each of our leaders brings to the table a wealth of experience, innovative thinking, technical know-how and business insight. More than that though, our leaders are passionate about guiding, inspiring and fostering development within their teams. This is what allows our people to continually support and delight the customers who rely on us.

Meet Our Team

Robert Hogeland

Managing Director

Robert has 15 years experience and a proven track record of developing and managing businesses in the IT Services industry. In addition to working closely and strategically with a range of customers Robert has held senior positions including Group Executive of Sales where he built teams that have a passion for customer success. Robert is responsible for ensuring Seisma meet the needs of our clients and developing further opportunities for our team as Seisma continues to grow and evolve.

Mark Wighton

Sales Director

With more than 15 years of experience in Technology solutions and Professional Services, Mark has developed an extensive network and takes great pride in connecting outstanding people and technology to deliver innovative outcomes. Mark has a personalised, collaborative approach and has helped clients through digital transformation by working closely with both business and technology stakeholders. A Senior Client Executive with an outstanding track record, Mark is focused on delivering results and true business benefits for his clients.

Mason Ng

Talent Aquisition Manager

Mason has more than 15 years solid experience in Recruitment, Training and Talent Management within IT Services. His understanding of IT Services has deep roots and extensive network from his work with the Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Government, Retail and Utilities sectors. Mason brings in talent acquisition expertise with further focus on talent engagement, growth and communications.

Our History

Seisma’s foundation is built on its vision and sound values. From the very beginning, it has been clear that the Seisma brand and its people are the cornerstones upon which true success has been built. We are proud that the same vision and values continue to hold strong today.

From our inception in 2004 Seisma established itself as a business consulting firm offering project services to Financial Services companies. The growth since then has been steady and consistent, gradually incorporating software development, data management and analytics, organisational change, design, architecture and strategy.

Today, Seisma has over one hundred staff working across multiple organisations across the Financial Services, ICT, Government, and Utilities sectors.

As a privately-owned and managed company, we have always been free to focus on what best serves our people and our clients.

Our vision is to continue to be a leading consulting firm working with you to deliver your vision. At the forefront of our organisation we have a strong leadership team firmly aligned to our vision and our values.

Our Values

Our values are important to us as they define the culture of our company. They are the guiding principles for our employment process, and the ongoing performance of our staff. Our values for our people are:

Inspire & Empower

Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself. Give those around you respect, responsibility, and control over their own tools so that they can begin to create and innovate for themselves. Lead by example. Choose to be mentally engaged and invested rather than distant or simply there.

Allow yourself to be inspired, excited, and delighted. Seek to inspire others in the way that you have been. Help and encourage others to find their points of awesomeness.

Be Human

Though we may do technical work, we know that it’s the human connections that bring our work to life. We value our humanity. We talk in simple terms like humans, conduct our business like humans, and accept the humanness of those around us. We celebrate failure as an opportunity for growth. We admit mistakes and learn from them. We strive to be honest, humane, friendly, caring, and humble.


Be awesome. We strive to do great, successful, important, and rewarding work that we can take pride in. As a team, sharing our knowledge and experience and learning from one another, we are capable of great things. As individuals, we strive to grow and learn from others on the team. We support and encourage one another toward greatness. We set big goals and we set high expectations of one another, but we are appreciative, grateful, and supportive of our successes. Awesome is oftentimes about communication and honesty — honestly evaluating the situation, assessing what’s needed to be successful, and asking for the resources needed to accomplish it. We realise that awesome is oftentimes more difficult than simply getting the job done, but it’s also the difference between simply having a job and having a career that you’re proud of.

Invent & Innovate

We value creativity and innovation at every level. Conventional solutions are simply well-worn paths with a history of success. We believe it’s important to understand this history, but to question whether these solutions are always best for us. We seek out new possibilities and solutions to create success. We’re proud of our innovations. They fuel new innovation. We want to share our solutions with others so that they might grow into the conventional solutions of tomorrow.


We believe that collaborating and working as a team will allow us to accomplish more, faster, and better than chipping away individually. There is power in a singular vision, but we believe that when you share your knowledge, efforts, and work, you will usually get back more than you give out. At a minimum you will have enriched the lives of the those who benefit from your efforts. When given the opportunity, we will opt for openness and sharing.

Have Fun

There’s no need to sacrifice happiness for success. We believe that happiness, fun, and general silliness bring with them an energy which fuels creativity and innovation, creates a more open and communicative workplace, and makes for a more productive, more dedicated team. It’s also just more fun. We try to focus on the positive and downplay competition and negativity. We are grateful for our successes and celebrate them.